Breville Juice Fountain™ Plus JE98XL

I heart my juicer, and you should, too! Drinking a refreshing fresh glass of carrot and apple juice makes my morning. I got my juicer for Christmas from my parents two years ago and they laugh because I always tell them it was the best present they’ve ever given me. (I’m sure you can guess how well that goes over….)

Anyway, this Breville Juice Fountain has two speeds – a higher one for denser fruits and harder vegetables and another for soft fruit and leafy veggies. It’s extra wide chute allows for minimal to no cutting of fruits and veggies, so you can just put it in the chute and that’s it!

Make an 8 oz. glass of juice in seconds. I also like to use it when I’m having a brunch and want to impress my guests. Fresh juice makes for a great non-alcoholic beverage at any party — especially a baby shower.

And, if you are serving alcoholic drinks and it calls for a particular type of fruit juice, why not make it fresh instead of buying it. The flavor will be more intense, and better yet, there won’t be all the artificial junk in there.

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