National Chocolate Day and Champagne Day Celebration

My great pals at Barkeater Chocolates in North Creek, New York tipped me off to the fact that today is National Chocolate Day. And, what goes along perfectly with chocolate?  Champagne, of course! So, it’s a great coincidence that the official D.C. arm of the CIVC, a trade association which represents grape growers in Champagne, France, have also declared it Champagne Day.

I love champagne — like really, really love it. It reminds me of my favorite holiday (New Years) and symbolizes celebration and happiness. We are trying to have a small champagne tasting tonight with some friends to try different varieties and participate in the world-wide twitter party that’s being held for the next 24 hours. (to participate, follow ChampagneBureau  on twitter and use the hash tag #champagne at the end of your tweets)

My champagne pallet is still forming, so I don’t have one favorite, but I can suggest some really great chocolates for you to try in celebration of National Chocolate Day. If you are in upstate New York obviously head over to Barkeater Chocolates and pick up some of their hand-made treats. They even have organic and soy chocolates!

But, if you are in New York City, or near any of their other U.S. locations, head over to Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland for an amazing, (and expensive) treat that is a perfect mix for today — Champagne Truffles. I was first introduced to these in high school on a class trip and they are by far the best champagne truffles I have ever eaten. They literally melt in your mouth – hard on the outside and smooth and creamy in the middle. You will not regret it!

Cheers! 🙂


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