Losing My In-N-Out Burger Virginity

There are a lot of cliche things you can lose in Las Vegas, but for me on this last trip west, it was my In-N-Out Burger virginity.

I had never been, and on the urging of my wonderful cousin and fellow vegetarian Leslie Sarna, who told me I absolutely had to try it, we went. Yes, two vegetarians at a burger joint does seem a little, well, off, but little did I know I was going to be eating the best grilled cheese ever! (For my hometown folks, yes, better than Burger Express at 3 a.m.)

First off, I couldn’t believe how everything was made fresh and to order! It was real food, but just fast. It was also one of the busiest places near the strip – it was packed with people. Just experiencing the atmosphere was worth the trip.

The grilled cheese was basically everything you would get on the burger, but without the burger – lettuce, tomato, melted cheese, special sauce and your choice of onions or no onions. The item is on the restaurant’s “not-so-secret menu” which is not on display, but on their website. Try ordering that at a McDonalds and I’m 100 percent sure they will greet you with a puzzled look.

In-N-Out Burger completely spoiled my vision of what fast food should be, and proved you can have a good, vegetarian meal at a place that also serves burgers.

My only complaint? They aren’t on the East Coast! Maybe we can start a campaign for them to open one here? 😉

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