Happy World Pasta Day!

If you are like me, you didn’t know it was World Pasta Day till this morning, when I signed on to Twitter and saw Wheatfields in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. talking about it.

In celebration, we rounded up some of our favorite pasta dish recipes to share with our readers, because really, who doesn’t love pasta?

Our first and favorite is a dish I made last month, Bowtie Macaroni with Adirondack Pomodoro Sauce. It has a bit of a kick to it, and you can mess around with the ingredients to make it more or less spicy.

Our other favorite pasta dishes include Emeril Lagasse’s Em’s Mac n’ Cheese, Girl’s Gone Child’s pumpkin gnocchi and scallops with spaghetti, garlic and oil as prepared for a piece I wrote for FoodNuts.

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