Eating and Drinking Our Way Through Denver

We were recently in Denver for BlogPaws, a pet writers conference, and had some time to explore the city, which of course involved trying some random, local places we thought looked fun.

Denver seems like a very social, friendly place to live. Every paces we went the servers and the random people we met were nice and very quick to help someone from out of town.

We stayed at the conference hotel, which was the Grand Hyatt Denver. Our room was spacious, clean and perfect for also doing work. It had two bar areas – one when you first walked in and another on the side near the restaurant, which we spent a decent amount of time at while networking.

Since all our breakfast and lunches were included with our conference registration, we ate many hotel-catered meals. I was really impressed they offered vegetarian options, which weren’t just your typical pancakes and french toast. Instead it was eggs, cheddar cheese and tomato on toasted sourdough bread. Yum!

Our lunches were great, too and included grilled veggies and a really great cheesecake that had the edible words “BlogPaws” written on the side.

The hotel bar also had an excellent selection of food, including these mixed cheese quesadillas, which usually have chicken in them. The salsa was by far one of the best salsas I’ve ever had.

Aside from the hotel, we had fabulous beer and appetizers at Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen.

I’m usually not a mojito girl, but we had the best ones at Rialto Cafe. They weren’t too strong, or too sweet, which is what I normally don’t like about them.

One of our favorite places we discovered was the Mellow Mushroom – a sports bar and pizza joint with free Wi-Fi, awesome service and really good drinks. I hung out there working after an amazing brunch at a place we are giving a blog post of its own to tomorrow.

The Mellow Mushroom has an outdoor seating area perfect for people watching and big-screen TVs throughout the place, making it a Sunday football favorite of locals from what I could tell since it was packed with people watching football and enjoying pizza. I would LOVE for one of these to be close to me here on the East Coast.

Finally, we enjoyed an amazing Sunday brunch at a place we ended up at by accident. A hotel employee suggested a French bistro, but I got lost and ended up at an entirely different place. It turned out to be one of the top restaurants in Denver owned by who I’m told is one of the top, up and coming chefs in the county. And after eating there, I can totally see why. We’ll be writing about this place tomorrow!

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