The Disaster That Is My Garden

I’ve always considered myself pretty decent at gardening and having luck with plants. Well, you certainly wouldn’t know it by the disaster that is my garden this year — what a mess!

All the hot, 100 degree days really did my garden in. Although, the plants got pretty big — so big they toppled over the stakes I had in the ground — the fruit from them was a bit disappointing. It’s still better than last year when a tomato blight blanketed much of the Adirondacks, causing the bottoms of the fruit to rot away pretty quickly.

Another problem – the plants I bought, were not the plants that started growing. Yeah, I understand tags can easily get mixed up, but when you planted red peppers and get chili peppers, well, it’s not exactly what you wanted.

Even my normal sunflowers, which I always grow from seeds didn’t do well. Out of three packages, I only got one strong plant. Although, that one strong plant is doing amazingly well.

One of the reasons I love planting a garden is because I enjoy growing my own fruits and vegetables. As you can see, we did pick a decent amount of tomatoes yesterday morning, but it was the first time all summer we were able to.

We’ve been cooking with them over the holiday weekend and will be sharing the recipes, along with wine pairings, over the next few days before we head to Denver for BlogPaws!

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