Happy Saturday Blog Hop With Graphic Design by Tara

I never really knew much about blog hops until recently, but have absolutely fallen in love with them. They are a great way to meet new bloggers, get inspiration, ideas and really connect with others in this crazy world of blogging.

So, I was very excited to learn about a ton of blog hops on Pitch It to Me (also a great website and blogger community) and decided to participate in the one hosted by Tara.

Why that one? Let me tell you.

Her design immediately caught my eye, and when I clicked on it, I learned she was a graphic designer and a creative person like me. Plus, she’s from San Diego — doesn’t that automatically make her cooler than anyone else?

Anyway, welcome to The Adirondack Chick. We talk and blog about just about everything you can think of, usually centered around food, wine, travel, DIY, photography and the outdoors. We also do product reviews and love to find new products on our own and share them. You can read more about The Adirondack Chick and our Adirondack lifestyle here.

Enjoy and have a happy Saturday! 🙂


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