The Elixir Collection by the Lounging Gourmet

We may need to name this week on the blog, Fancy Food Show Revisited, simply because of all the products from the event we are finally getting the opportunity to write about!

Today we bring you The Elixir Collection by The Lounging Gourmet, owned and operated by the very personable Nora Egger.

We were tasting a wine from Italy during the NASFT Fancy Food Show in New York when the person next to us told us about this “cocktail with flowers” that we “absolutely have to try.” Following the woman’s wrong directions and many booths later we found Nora and her really yummy cocktails.

The Elixir Collection is a line of natural, floral cocktail and champagne mixers. They are a great alternative to the sugary syrups usually used.

At the show we tried the rose Elixir and brought the other three — hibiscus, lavender and orchid home to try ourselves. We added several splashes each to glasses of champagne and they were a hit. My favorites were the rose and hibiscus.

Check out Elixir on their website and on Facebook

7 thoughts on “The Elixir Collection by the Lounging Gourmet

  1. The Elixirs are made with natural and organic floral extracts, blended with pure cane sugar. So yes, they have a sweetness to them, but a serving is a 1/2 ounce (a tablesoon)….Unlike syrups, the flavor comes more from the extracts than sugar as it's a lower sugar content!!! There are a bunch of recipes on the website http://www.thelounginggourmet.com

    Yours truly,

  2. As Wildlife biologists, we travel around from field job to field job every 6 months or so and Last winter/spring we were in the Adirondacks out of Newcomb working on a Marten project. Nice to stumble across your blog! Excited to follow and see some familiar – and not so familiar- places 🙂

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