Chef Macee’s Concentrated Herb Sprays

We learned about Chef Macee’s concentrated herb sprays during the NASFT Fancy Food Show in Manhattan, a few months ago and immediately loved them. 

Each 2 ounce bottle is packed with intense flavor, made with fresh ingredients and has no fillers. It’s just a concentrated amount of the product made from the actual ingredient and can be used as a substitute in almost any recipe.

At the show, we tried the garlic spray on a plain cracker and it was like eating a piece of garlic. It had the same smell and flavor as when I rub a piece of garlic on an Italian loaf to make garlic bread.

We took home their Italian and red chile sprays to try, and have been using them on a regular basis. The red chile spray we’ve used on salmon before grilling it, in our scallop mixture and to give a little kick to hamburgers before cooking them, while the Italian one we’ve used in our tomato sauce, oil-based bread dips and on sub sandwiches.

They even came in handy last night when I ran out of basil while making a mixture to brush on homemade crescent rolls, (recipe coming later this week!)  which is why even if you prefer to use fresh out-of-the-garden herbs, we suggest still having these on hand.

Each bottle contains about 300 sprays, and would last a typical household about four months. They have citrus, herbs, pepper, specialty and variety packs available for purchase.

You can check out Chef Macee’s concentrated herb sprays on their website, as well as follow them on Twitter.


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