All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent and Antiseptz Spray and Gel

We are always on the lookout for new, natural products, so when we were asked to review several All Terrain products we gladly jumped on the opportunity because they are made with natural ingredients, are DEET-Free, and are geared toward people who enjoy the outdoors.  Perfect product review for us!

We tried the herbal armor insect repellent and the antiseptz spray and gel. Both have strong smells – the repellent, citronella and the antispetz, menthol. But, it quickly subsides and is well worth the initial powerful aroma.

The repellent is DEET-free and was awarded best gear by National Geographic Adventure. The spray comes out a milky consistency, so you should rub it in, but it never stained anything I was wearing and it dried quickly. We wore it for more than seven hours while going for an evening power-walk, playing mini-golf, watching fireworks and while outside roasting marshmallows. We DIDN’T get a SINGLE bite.


The antiseptz spray came in handy when I cut myself while slicing cheese last night. My cut was still bleeding after I washed it, so before putting an adhesive strip on it, I sprayed a little of the All Terrain product on it and it stopped bleeding almost immediately without the sting of other first-aid products. It is going straight into my outdoor backpack.

All Terrain also makes natural sunscreen, soaps and pet care products, among other items.
Their motto — which we love — is “natural remedies for outdoor enthusiasts.” We definitely recommend checking them out.

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