Planting a No-Fuss Vegetable Garden

Pulling weeds and spending hundreds of dollars on plants that are are going to die in a couple months is not my cup of tea, but being able to walk out my door, pick some fresh vegetables and cook them up into a wonderful meal to share with my friends is. So, I’m very much a Generation Y gardener — I want it to be fast and simple, but also look fabulous and impressive.

The first step to this is purchasing and putting down Easy Gardener Weedblock – a black mesh material that blocks weeds from coming through. You can pick it up at your local Home Depot or buy it from our Amazon store. It’s very simple to use: just cut the pieces to fit your space and secure it down with fabric and garden staples, also available at your local home improvement store.

Once you have your area covered and secure, position your plants where you want them. By doing this, you can easy make sure they all have enough space and plan accordingly.

This year I planted two varieties of tomatoes, three varieties of peppers, zucchini and basil. So, it was important to know how much room there was for the zucchini, which likes to spread out like a bush.

Get Planting! Using a utility knife cut an X in the material where you want to place the plant. Scoop out enough dirt so the dirt in the top of container is level with the ground dirt. Take the plant out of the container, put it in ground and fill in the dirt around it. Gently push in the plant down from the base to secure the dirt around the bottom.

Once you are done planting all your veggies, give them a quick water.

When choosing plants, pick ones that you both like to eat and grow well in your region. By doing this you will not just have a pretty garden, but will save money by not having to buy produce. All the plants, including some flowers, were until $20, and it only took me about an hour to plant everything.

Stay tuned all summer for some the great foods we will be making using the veggies from our garden!

4 thoughts on “Planting a No-Fuss Vegetable Garden

  1. I've never used the weed block stuff. That sounds like it would be very helpful to me. I hate weeding as well.

  2. I have no garden-friendly areas, so I container garden. It works well for the flowers, but it seems like I'm limited on vegetables. Do you know of anything besides tomatoes that I can grow in containers?

  3. Yes! Peppers, string beans, and any almost any herb can be grown in a pot. I've done all of them in pots before I had space for a garden. Personally, I like basil in the herb family because it can be used in sauce, on pizza, subs and pretty much everything you cook.

  4. Thanks! Are there any concerns or things to consider when growing those in containers vs. the ground? I lost my azalea as part of my container garden, so I'm guessing pots aren't exactly the same as the ground?

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