How to Keep Graduation Flowers Fresh

Graduation season is in full swing, and if you are like me you want to give your special graduate something after they get their diploma. But, many times you have to travel a distance to the ceremony, and then sit out in the hot sun, leaving those flowers you bought hours, or event the night before, wilted and dull.

Here is a simple and quick way to make sure the flowers are as fresh at the end of the ceremony as they were when you took them off the shelf.

Take your bouquet of flowers, pull the bottom of the plastic wrap up and make a slanted cut in the stems about 3 inches from the bottom. Then take three paper towels, not broken apart, and completely soak them with water. Make sure the towels are dripping wet and wrap them around the stems and place in a plastic vase, or plastic sandwich bag.

If you want to make a fast and easy to carry bouquet, tie a balloon around the bottom of the vase, and stick it in a small gift bag. That way, your grad can easily carry it around. 

Here is one I whipped together for my parent’s God-daughter who is graduating today from Dartmouth College! If you need to purchase the flowers a day before, like I did, cut the stems and prep everything the night before, so all you have to do is wrap the flowers in the paper towel. But, make sure to keep the flowers in water until you are ready to leave for the graduation.

Congrats Christina!! xoxo

One thought on “How to Keep Graduation Flowers Fresh

  1. I wish I would've had this information about three weeks ago at my son's college graduation. We sat in the humid son for hours, so not only was he annoyed I brought him flowers, but he was also annoyed they were limp.

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