Cantina: Authentic Mexican in Saratoga Springs

Cantina in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. has great everything – salsa, chips, enchiladas, burritos, atmosphere and most importantly, margaritas!

One of my fabulous sorority sisters and I visited their location in the heart of Downtown Saratoga on Broadway last week for dinner, and it was very good. There is an indoor and outdoor seating area. We opted for the outside — read between the lines, *great* people watching!

They start you off with fresh salsa and crisp chips, and we ordered a margarita on the rocks and a bloody mary. The margarita was not bitter and had the perfect balance of tequila and sour mix.

Their menu isn’t just beans, cheese and salsa. There are great, unique combinations that take simple Mexican foods and class it up with a twist. For example, I ordered their wild mushroom enchiladas. It was sauteed mushrooms and Chihuahua cheese wrapped in flour tortillas and topped with poblano cream sauce. It was deeeelish — and much better than the regular, half heated cheddar cheese you get at some Mexican chain restaurants.

Their food presentation is very simple and you can taste the freshness.

2 thoughts on “Cantina: Authentic Mexican in Saratoga Springs

  1. I can't believe I lived in Saratoga Springs for a year and never ate here. My housemate had a first date there once (they met online. Now they're getting married). I have eaten at Leon's. It was okay. Or am I thinking of the Mexican Connection…? I heard the best Mexican food was at Amigos Cantina in Schuylerville.

  2. I was told El Mexicano Restaurant in Hudson Falls and Saratoga Springs was the best Mexican in the area. I've been to their Hudson Falls location and it was very good. But, I think Cantina might beat it for mixture of quality and price. I'll have to try the other places you mentioned, too! I *love* Mexican food, so I'm always up for trying a new place.

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