Fettuccine Alfredo

A few weeks ago my friend took an impromptu, very short trip with me up to Lake George the weekend of Easter. It was the first time she had been to Lake George and we had a blast. One thing I didn’t know — even though we’ve been friends for what feels like forever —  is that she loves to cook! So, we had a fun two days of cooking whatever we came across.

After a bad experience out at a restaurant the week before, Janet and I decided on making fettuccine alfredo. She found this recipe on recipezaar.com called Better Than Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce.

It was VERY heavy, creamy and thick. It had butter, cheese and heavy cream. This was definitely
a full-fat version of alfredo sauce.

It came a little thick, and Janet suggested adding a little milk to the sauce to thin it out next time.

We served it with broccoli, my infamous wine mushroom (will give that recipe at a later point), salad and garlic bread. While we made the fettuccine alfredo from scratch, we used a frozen broccoli in a steam bag and frozen garlic bread — making things from scratch is great, but sometimes you don’t have time to do everything homemade.

I suggest serving the mushrooms and broccoli on the side and adding them to the fettuccine on the plate because it makes heating leftovers much easier. And, trust me, I was eating leftovers for more than a week.

Check back tomorrow for the really delicious personal white pizzas we made without a recipe, the unusual drinks we paired them with and Janet’s secret ingredient she added.

Enjoy!  And, remember to have an adventure everyday!
Michelle 🙂

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