Easy Morning Danish Rolls

One of my favorite things, as I’m sure you are starting to realize, is finding and trying new recipes. No, this isn’t turning into a true cooking blog, but some of my adventures happen in the kitchen, so I figured why not write about them and share some good recipes with my readers when I come across them!

This one I tried for the first time over New Years when I had a bunch of friends staying with me, and have made it tons of times since. I LOVE the Pillsbury recipe site and what’s even better was that this recipe was a winner in their Bake-Off contest.

I serve these “Easy Crescent Danish Rolls” with breakfast and they also make a great addition to any brunch.

There are little changes I make to the recipe to make it a *little* healthier. Instead of regular cream cheese, I use low-fat or fat-free and I use reduced or fat-free crescents.

The first time I made these spreading the dough out and rolling them became a bit of a mess (OK, a lot of a mess) — until I decided it would be easier to put them on a cutting board and then transfer them to the baking sheet. It made the process a whole lot easier! 

My favorite jam to put in the top is blackberry. And, on a suggestion of my father, who LOVES cheese danishes, I use some of the leftover cheese mixture to put on top instead of the jam.

When I have leftovers, I heat them in the microwave for about 15 seconds.


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