Yummy Tea!

After wanting to share my neat ladybug candle holder find for $1, I remembered a set of blog posting a professor I had did — her favorites of the week. Since part of this blog is about life in general, I thought it would be fun to every once-in-a-while post something called “Things I ‘m Loving Right Now.” You just never know who is reading this blog, and might have similar interests and also enjoy whatever it is I’m loving right now!

Today’s pick:

I’m not usually a fan of flavored tea, but decided to try Lipton’s Vanilla Caramel Truffle because I was craving something sweeet, but didn’t want chocolate, cookies or candy.

Turns out, it was a perfect pick! It’s not too sweet and has almost a chocolate undertone. It’s zero calories, zero fat and zero sugar — everything a fancy coffee drink isn’t.

Enjoy! : ) 

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