First Day of Spring in Lake George 2010

Today was supposed to be the day I learned to snowboard with several friends at a mountain in Pennsylvania…a few days of warm weather and a broken down car killed that plan.

But, I can’t complain. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in the Adirondacks – perfect setting to take the dog for a hike. Just trace amounts of snow were still around, and while you wouldn’t be able to take a boat out on the lake, the area near the beaches were unfrozen and swamped with dogs playing in the water.

My little guy only went partially in before deciding it was too cold, and prefered to hang out on the sand. Although, he did enjoy playing around on the one or two snow patches we enountered.

The village had a decnt amount of people riding motorcycles and bikes, picnicing, jogging and the restaurants with outdoor seating were full. I even spotted a pug strapped on the back of a motorcycle with his face aimed up at sky and his tongue out.

What a perfect day!

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