Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s the day that makes most women melt and most men cringe.  The day florists make a fortune to not mix up the order for the mistress and the wife. And, it’s the day restaurants and hotels can over charge for everything from a simple pasta dish to a room the size of a closet.
Here are some ideas to make the day good, whether you have a Valentine or not. 

– New relationship? Not really sure if you love him or her? Sweet Hoboken has the perfect solution if you live in the New York City area – the ‘I Like You A Lot’ cake.(I think this is hysterical, and a great idea!)
– Roses are boring. Want to stand out? Get your Valentine a bouquet of her favorite flowers or if she’s into the being “green” buy an exotic plant that will last and not die in a week. 
– Impress him or her by actually know the history of the holiday. Surprisingly, Hallmark really didn’t create it. 
– Do something different. Skip the expensive dinner and go for a hike. Bring your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy it once you get to your destination while soaking in all the beauty nature has to offer. (Note to the guys, just don’t do this with your current flavor of the week,  if you happen to have a girlfriend in a different state, and they can’t make it up for the holiday.. )

– Get cooking. Make your significant other an awesome dinner. It’s way less expensive than going out, and in these economic times, who couldn’t save a little money. 
– If you are single have a girls night in! My single girlfriends are doing this today, and I think it’s a great idea. Bring a bunch of fun movies, make some popcorn and concoct some yummy drink. 
– Or if you’re not a romantic, volunteer to work for someone who is, that way they can spend the day with their sweetie. 
– Grab a glass of wine and read “Eat Pray Love.” An amazing book about love, food, fun and adventure. Hmmm, that  kind of sounds a lot like this blog. 
– Don’t dwell on the past or what could have been with a past flame. It’s over. And there is probably a reason for it. You are better off without them. 

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