Nature Valley World Cup Freestyle Aerials in Lake Placid

This weekend is the Nature Valley World Cup Freestyle, and last night was the Ladies and Mens’ Aerial Finals at the Olympic Jumping Center. What an amazing time!

There were Olympic athletes from all over the world, including Canada, Belarus, China and Australia. For some, the results of the World Cup would determine if they secured a spot on their country’s Olympic team.

Olympian Jeret Peterson performing during the mens’ aerials.

When you see it on TV, the area looks so big, when in reality it’s not, yet there was no pushing and shoving to get a better views, because honestly anywhere you stood there was a great view.

                                     After each jump a crew immediately below fixes the snow.

Prior to the event there was a Wii Challenge, tons of fun giveaways and an athlete signing session.
It was super cold, but there were bon fires, an indoor hut and tons of beverages to keep warm. Although, I did overhear one of the guys say the hot chocolate container froze! If you go to any of these events make sure you dress for it. Layer, layer, layer!
Unfortunately I couldn’t keep track of who was jumping while I was taking photos. So, I can’t say for sure who the people are in the slideshow below.

(I ‘d really like a better digital SLR for these types of events. If anyone is selling one, please contact me! )

The night was capped off with fireworks.

This was my first time attending a Lake Placid winter sporting event. And, the hour drive from my house in the Adirondacks to the village of Lake Placid means it won’t be my last 🙂

(Have I mentioned how much I need to thank my real estate agent for making me look at house I had no interest in? haha.)

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