Shopping Savings at Woodbury Commons

Since purchasing my house in May, I’ve been broke and am being better than normal about what I spend my money on.

I’ve never been a label whore, but it is nice to have some designer items. I also LOVE a great deal and refuse to pay full price for anything, which is why I love outlet shopping – specifically Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets in Central Valley, N.Y.

With about 220 outlet stores, including Coach, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana, Columbia Sportswear Company, Nike, Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel and Versace, it makes shopping for almost anyone really easy.

I went to college about 15 minutes from there and a few times a semester I’d take a weekday and head up to the outlets. There would always be at least one trip in mid-December where I would get most of my Christmas shopping done. So, when I went back to Ramapo College last Friday for an event, I of course decided I should keep this tradition up.

Mind you, I go past there every weekend on my way back upstate, but you absolutely don’t want to be there on a weekend because they have bus tours and are so crowded you can’t even walk.

The money I ended up saving was amazing! You have to know your prices, because just because something is 50 percent off doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. There was so much more I wanted to purchase, like reindeer candle holders from Crate and Barrel, but kept reminding myself I had a mortgage to pay!

But, I thought it would be fun to share some of the deals I did get for those of you who have never been there before, and live in the New York area. You really must check it out!

Woodbury Commons is owned by Chelsea Premium Outlets, and they have stores all over the country. I’ve been to several of them, but for some reason always seem to do the best at Woodbury.

Cardigan – Orig. price: $68. Price paid: $21.99
Total Saving at Gap: $46.01

Women’s Active Fleece: Orig. price: $48. Price paid: $14.40
Women’s Tennis Skirt: Orig price: $58. Price paid: $9.86
Women’s Tennis Skirt Orig. price $58, Price paid: $17.40
Total Savings at IZOD: $122.34

Columbia Sportswear Company:

Snow Boots: Orig. price: $90. Price paid: $49.99
Titanium Retro Snow Pants: Orig. price: $150 Price paid: $69.99
Snow Pants: Orig. price: $85. Price paid: $39.90
Total Savings at Columbia: $165.12

I LOVE saving money and still getting some nice, new items!! : )

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