Happy New Year!

New Years is by far my favorite holiday! Yes, it’s overhyped and totally blown out of proportion but I still like it, and attribute it to my Uncle Joe and Aunt Rosie.

Every year the family would gather at their house in Brooklyn and celebrate New Year’s Eve. It was always so much fun to see the cousins I didn’t get to see the rest of the year except for that day. On New Years Day we would usually go out to dinner with my grandparents because my grandmother always said, “what you do on New Years, you do throughout the rest of the year.”

Since becoming a journalist, I’ve always volunteered to work whatever holiday they need, but have always requested off New Year’s Eve night because I make it a priority to celebrate it with my friends.

We’ve done concerts, Times Square and various Manhattan bars. This year the plan was to go to Vegas, but have you looked at the prices for flights there during that time?! Absolutely insane! Instead we are going to Lake George for four days of  relaxation, a cruise, wine tasting, snowtubing, cooking and fun.

The best part though was shopping for New Years decorations for my house – I found the same hats and noise makers my aunt and uncle used to have! My intent was to scan a vintage photo or two from New Years parties at their house, but since that didn’t work, here is a photo from last New Years in Times Square.

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  1. Happy New Years! I love reading your blog! I agree, New Years is definitely a great holiday and it's a good time to spend with family and friends! Best wishes for 2010!

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