Lake George’s “Lite Up the Village”

Despite coming to Lake George for years, I really don’t remember Christmas time in the Adirondacks, other then there is a lot of snow! So, as I start my first winter season as a Lake George homeowner, I’m so excited to see everything the Adirondacks have to offer — and so far I’m pleasantly surprised!

I’ll be sharing my experiences here, and am starting with Lake George’s annual “Lite Up the Village” event. The usual bare street lights are now framed with holiday lights and garland, various village trees are lit up with lights and about a dozen trees and other holiday displays are lit up in Shepard’s Park.

Thanks to a problem with a black Friday purchase, I missed the actual event Saturday evening, but did stop by the village to see the lights later that night. Keeping with the trend of the evening, my camera’s batteries decided to go kaput. So, here are a few not-so-great photos of the village display, but you get the idea. All the lights really put me in the holiday spirit!

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