Prospect Mountain

Some of the best views of Lake George are just a short drive up Veterans Memorial Highway to the top of Prospect Mountain.

They say on a clear day visitors have a 100-mile view. For those of you not familiar with the area, you’d be able to see well past Albany, N.Y.

Prospect Mountain is always on my list of places to bring people who have never been to “the Lake” before, because even on a cloudy day the views are pretty impressive.

Last Friday was the first clear day I was able to get up there this season, and it was truly amazing. It was also the first time up there for my friend Jackie, as well as my dog Toby – who LOVED to climb the boulders and get literally as high into the sky as possible, despite his knee problems.

There are several ways to get to the summit (2,018 feet )– you can pay $8 and drive up the highway, or you can hike it. I’ve never done the latter, but my Mom, Aunt and Grandfather did it a long time ago, and I will one day. I just need a good hiking partner (in addition to the dog), because that hike, I don’t want to do alone. 😉 It’s only 3 miles, but it’s very steep, and there are snakes (a major fear of mine). For those of you who do want to try it, the trail starts at the end of Montcalm Street right in the heart of Lake George Village.

If you are driving, there are several look out points that provide good views of Lake George. Once at the top, you can either walk up a hill to the summit or take the courtesy van. (I’d suggest taking the van up, and taking the hill down.)

Prospect Mountain has such a rich history, (and even has a journalism link.) In the late 1800s a hotel was built there, but a few years later a fire destroyed it. It was soon rebuilt and was billed as a place where guests with health problems would go to recover because the air was said to be so pure.

In 1895, a railroad opened to the public, according to the Lake George Historical Society.

George Foster Peabody, (the same person who the famous Peabody Award is named after) acquired the mountain in 1904 and then about 20 years later donated it to New York State after rumors swirled that it was going to be turned into a casino.

Once at the summit there are picnic areas and other great little spots to enjoy a snack and the view of Lake George and surrounding mountains. It really would make a great spot for wedding photos or even a tiny intimate ceremony.

Here are some of my photos. Enjoy! 🙂

View of Lake George from one of the look-out points.
View of Lake George Village.
Lake George

Jackie and my dog Toby.
View of Lake George Village from the very top.
Me, Jackie and Toby at the top.
The view looking away from Lake George.

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