Pedigree’s Dogs Rule Day

In honor of Pedigree’s Dogs Rule Day this Saturday, I decided to share some photos of my Toby, and write about why if you have the resources, everyone should bring a dog into their life.

Since I was a baby I’ve been around dogs – Cisco, Zookie, Joy, Ranger, Boggie and Tootsie. I’m sure if I missed one, my aunt will lovingly correct me next time we talk 😉

Although we got Zookie when I was about 5 years old and she was with us for 16 years, she was 100 percent my mom’s dog. Zookie would tolerate and protect the rest of us, but she and my mom were inseparable.

Needless, to say I couldn’t wait to get my own dog. My major rules: No little dogs, no pet store pups and no Chihuahua. Zero out of zero didn’t turn out so bad.
My aunt and I both immediately fell in love with Toby as soon as we saw him last April, and once I held him it was over.

Dogs are wonderful. They don’t care what color your hair is, if you did your makeup, what college you went to or how much dough is in your bank account. They give unconditional love and just want to be with you.

After a bad day, or even a good one, coming home to a wagging little tail and big brown eyes, makes everything else in the world seem irrelevant.

Dogs teach responsibility, love, respect and fun. Once you have dog in your life you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

My Toby comes with me almost everywhere I can take him, and makes for a great traveling, hiking, kayaking and driving buddy.

There are tons of dogs out there that don’t have the luxury of curling up under the blankets like mine is doing as I type. Instead, they fall asleep hoping for a special human to come and make them part of their family.

So….what are you waiting for – Check Pedigree’s Dogs Rule Web site to find ways to celebrate dogs! They even have a Facebook page, so become a fan!

Here are some of my favorite photos of my Toby. 🙂 Please share stories about your dogs below – I’d LOVE to hear about them!

The first time I held Toby!
Sleeping in my house the night I closed.
Sleepy puppy!
Fun in the snow!
Swimming in Lake Placid.
Kayaking on Mirror Lake.
No puparazzi!
Toby dog!
Enjoying a beer with his grandfather.
(the bottle is empty!)

3 thoughts on “Pedigree’s Dogs Rule Day

  1. excellent dog article and I am happy to know that I had something to do with teaching you about dogs. Ranger, Bogie and Tootsie are forever grateful for you crediting them as well. I am thinking that you may have forgotten one important little creature that may have influenced your final choice. She would be my ultimate anti-type dog (no females, no little dogs) but she is one of the best.

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