Fall at Gore Mountain

Over the weekend, I checked out the 2009 Harvest Fest at Gore Mountain in the Adirondacks. The festival was fun, but the main attraction ended up being the $13 Northwoods Gondola ride my dog and I took up the mountain.

With the trees in their fall peak, the views were stunning — and we were only at an elevation of 3,200. I can’t imagine what the view must be from the top at an elevation of 3,600, or what it’s like to ski down from either place!

What a fun time. It makes me want to learn to ski or snowboard.

Check out some of the photos! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fall at Gore Mountain

  1. Very NOiCE did you ever go up Greylock Mt. in North Adams Mass.(my hometown)in the Berkshire Mountain Range which rolls up to the Green Mountains of Vermont. I love this time of the year October is my favorite month!
    PeaceOut CubScout

  2. Hi Michelle! You took some awesome photos. I'm hoping to get some last minute foliage shots before the season is done.

    I think the reason why the pictures don't look as crisp on your blog is because of compression. When you upload the image it compresses it so it loads faster for the visitor. It's kind of a catch-22; you can either have faster load time with less quality or higher quality and more load time.


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