Lake George Restaurant Week

I just got up to Lake George in time to catch the tail end of the region’s restaurant week, which ran from Sept. 13-19. During the 3rd annual event, participating area restaurants offered a three course meal selection for the fixed price of $17.57.

Now, I have to preface this with, although I’ve been going to Lake George since I was a baby, my great-grandmother always cooked. So, we never really went out to eat that much. Ditto when I got my house. I love to cook, so even when I have people up, I usually just make stuff, instead of going out for food.

Not this weekend. I decided to take full advantage of the specials.

One of my favorite restaurants in Lake George is the Lobster Pot. The first time I went was a few summers ago with my friend who picked it out from a guide book because of their creatively hand-drawn ads. It was excellent, and every time I go back, the food just gets better.

In addition to the indoor restaurant, there is a spacious outdoor deck and bar. For $17.57, I got a salad, broiled scallops with roasted red potatoes and string beans, and for dessert chocolate tiger cake. It was excellent. Their scallops are broiled just perfectly and the service there is always good.

The second night was tough – checked out some of the menus at the other restaurants and there were some really good choices, but as a vegetarian and a picky seafood eater, it was tough to find something I liked.

Finally decided on the Common Man’s Bistro. It is owned by John Carr, who also runs the Adirondack Pub and Brewery, and is located in the heart of the Lake George Village.

I cannot express what a good choice this place ended up being.

First off, Mr. Carr, who recently lost his primary bid for the Lake George Town Council, was there and I got to meet him by total chance. My extremely wonderful waitress introduced us after I had some questions about next month’s Lake George Oktoberfest at the brewery. Such a nice and friendly guy! (Look for an upcoming blog about the Oktoberfest event!)

As a special thank you to their customers for choosing the Common Man’s Bistro, each restaurant week meal section came with a complementary glass of house wine or the local brew.

I had the cedar plank salmon with mashed potatoes. It also came with a salad and dessert. They ran out of my original choice – apple crisp, but I got the wild berry pie instead. From what I could tell it was a combination of at least blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They say things happen for a reason – well, let’s put it this way, I’m really glad they ran out of the apple crisp, because I would’ve missed out on a really yummy treat.

Bottom line, Lake George Restaurant Week is great for businesses. Everyplace seemed packed (I waited 30 minutes to get into the Lobster Pot on Friday night) and it allows you to try places you may not have thought about before.

My one disappointment – more restaurants didn’t participate. There were 18 establishments. Hopefully next year there’s more!

Oh, and, if you are wondering why the price was $17.57, according to the Lake George Chamber of Commerce, it was in recognition of the 1757 siege on Fort William Henry, which is at the southern end of Lake George.

– Michelle Maskaly

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