Jackson Square in NOLA

Two months ago I visited New Orleans for the first time, and while there I picked up some art in Jackson Square.

Knowing my love for buying local, this was right up my ally.

For those of you not familiar with the area, Jackson Square is located in the French Quarter and is surrounded by historical buildings, the Saint Louis Cathedral and is home to local artists that come to sell their art. Some even paint and draw while you watch.

An artist’s canvas in Jackson Square.

We must’ve walked past Jackson Square numerous times while we were there, but nothing struck me till the very last day, and just hours before our flight. That’s when I stumbled on Lisa Trapani’s art.

Her canvas paintings of sunflowers immediately caught my eye as we walked past. I ended up buying two canvas paintings that now hang on the wall of my Lake George home.

As a little gift, she included a hand-painted magnet with my purchase that was made with roofing damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Speaking of Katrina, and the French Quarter – look for a future blog about my trip to New Orleans!

A statue in Jackson Square.

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