First Time Blogger


I’ve decided to start blogging, since that’s all the rage these days. Many media employers seem to even want you to be experienced in it. So, I figure why not give it a try. Anything that will give you an edge in this business gets a thumbs up from me.

A little about me: I work in Manhattan as a journalist, but don’t live there. I own a house in Lake George, N.Y. It’s beautiful up there. I’ve been going there since before I was born. My maternal great-grandparents  owned a place on Flat Rock Road and we would be up there at least twice a month. My cousin still runs a resort there, too. It’s been great to see him and his family so much this past summer.

My dream was to always have a place of my own there, and three years and three realtor’s later, it finally came true. The crashing housing market and interest rates definitely played a part in being able to accomplish this. (If you are in the market for a place near Lake George, this was my realtor and he is absolutely amazing to work with!)

Someday (when I become a famous journalist.. 😉 ) I hope to also be able to afford a place in the city, too.

Anyway, get ready to hear a lot about my dog, the state of journalism, kayaking in the Adirondacks and anything else interesting I may come across in my travels!

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