Farmers Markets

Every Thursday there is a farmer’s market next to my train station.

In the past my work hours have never allowed me to take advantage of it, but now that I work nights, I can hit it up on my way in.

Last week, I picked up some small zucchini bread, Jersey peppers and an apple. The apple didn’t even make it to the city, before I was munching on it. My peppers I used in a couscous mix I made for dinner and the bread lasted a day before the people in my house chowed down on it.

The prices were surprisingly cheaper than the local supermarket, and because they were so fresh, the veggies seemed to have a longer shelf life, and tasted so much better.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in a climate where we have year-round farm stands, but I sure which I did!

My point? Be a good neighbor and buy local when you can!

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